95% of our resources used are recycled or repurposed.

Our partnership with Sustainable Salons New Zealand means a minimum of 95% of resources from STRAVINSKIJ are repurposed to benefit the environment and give back to our community.

Excess chemicals are sent to a chemical recycling plant where they are neutralized and turned into recycled water that is used in roadworks and construction.

Metals, paper, aluminium, foil, colour tubes, magazines, razor blades, used tools and select disposables are sold for recycling. The proceeds are donated to Kiwi Harvest and OzHarvest to provide meals for disadvantaged people.

Hair clippings are stuffed into stockings to make hair booms that will clean up oil spills along our coastlines.

Plastic packaging is sent to plastic recyclers where it is cleaned and turned into outdoor furniture and new product packaging.

Sustainable Salons depot employs people with special needs that love their job of protecting our environment.


Our space is dedicated to well-being, to an experience of calmness and purity while being cared for and styled for by our team of local and internationally qualified hair stylists.

We have chosen the highest quality plant-based, sustainable hair, scalp, and skincare to ensure that every step of the way we are looking after our planet while achieving results for you.

Throughout your appointment, you will be educated on how to take care of your hair, scalp, and skin to achieve optimal balance and vitality, leaving you feeling your best.

Our Hair care – Best in the world for the environment

We exclusively use Davines hair care. Awarded best in the world for the environment by B Corp, Davines combines the best raw materials with cutting-edge research to provide maximum scientific innovation while enhancing the elements given to us by nature.

B Corp companies are activists that reach the highest verified standards in the world in terms of social, environmental, and economic standards.

80% of all ingredients are organic, natural, or naturally derived formulations that are highly biodegradable and free from parabens, sulphates, and PPD. All packaging is recycled, recyclable, reusable, and/or biodegradable.

Optimal balance
of your hair & scalp
starts with a consultation

All appointments include a thorough consultation beginning with an assessment of the health of your hair and scalp and a prescription of home care to ensure your scalp is optimally balanced.

We believe that through optimal balance, we ensure the healthiest hair and scalp along with the prevention/slowing of ageing hair and potential scalp conditions like hair loss, ageing hair, psoriasis, dandruff, inflammation, and oily scalp.

When hair ages, it can begin to thin, lose density, and/or get dry, coarse, and wiry making it difficult to manage and look its best. Our goal is to ensure you have the healthiest hair and scalp while being easy to manage and looking its best every day.

Products that are prescribed by your stylist are used on your hair & scalp throughout the appointment. By the end of your service, you will have learnt how to manage your hair & scalp along with the styling of your hair.

Man shampooing another man's hair at Stravinskij hair dressers.
Close up of finishing back of hair with a scissor cut for a fine finish at Stravinskij hair dressers.
Man receiving spray hair treatment at Stravinskij's barbers.
Staff member washing another man's hair at the salon of Stravinskij in Wellington.

Cutting & Styling

Your stylist will discuss your lifestyle, current hair and scalp care routines, as well as style preferences, and envision the best look for you. You can be comfortable leaving style ideas up to your stylist. Alternatively, feel free to share any ideas you have or bring images of hairstyles you admire for inspiration.

Your stylist will always give you their best advice tailored to you to ensure the haircut and style you receive is well balanced with your face shape, easy to manage, and most importantly, leaves you feeling your best. All cutting services include a relaxing shampoo, condition, and scalp massage in our private hair spa that has been designed to reset your energy and begin your service with a moment of zen.

Your service finishes with a STRAVINSKIJ steamed towel treatment.

Scalp Treatment &
Therapeutic Scalp Massage

Our Scalp treatments are specifically formulated to prevent and resolve the most common scalp conditions such as hair loss, ageing hair, psoriasis, dandruff, inflammation, and oily scalp.

Each treatment has been designed to give you an extended time of relaxation with a therapeutic scalp massage ensuring a calming energy reset in our private hair spa while enhancing the health of your hair and scalp.

Scalp Treatments enhance the performance of your home care and results.

Your stylist will curate the treatment based on the condition of your scalp at the time of your appointment.

Skin Treatments
& Rejuvenation

STRAVINSKIJ skin treatments combine the most naturally derived ingredients with ground-breaking science to deliver maximum results. STRAVINSKIJ skin treatments have been curated to provide your skin with anti-aging effects, nourishment, hydration, and an overall feel of rejuvenation.


We exclusively use Comfort Zone / Skin Regimen skin care to help the skins eco-system reach optimal balance and vitality while combatting accelerated aging from stress and pollution.

Our skin lives a dynamic equilibrium. It mirrors our physical and emotional state, our lifestyle, and daily choices. It needs to constantly adapt and to defend itself from the external aggression of environmental factors such as climate fluctuations and pollution.

All products are made in Italy with renewable resources, guarantee efficacy and safety, choosing high-quality ingredients which respect the skin and the planet. Comfort Zone choose recyclable packaging, fully CO2 compensated thanks to EthioTrees, a reforestation initiative in Ethiopia. Free from silicones, synthetic fragrance, animal derivatives, mineral oil, artificial colorants, SLS and SLES. Suitable for vegans. Clinically proven efficacy. Dermatologically tested.

Skin Regimen formulas are designed to be totally functional, with high concentrations of powerful botanicals and high-tech ingredients such as Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C and Gluconolactone. 100% natural aromas.